A Dozen Ways to Lift Your Spirit


Choose Good Stuff - Sunset

1. Get Rid of Darkness. . .  Darkness of spirit, bad habits, addictions, black thoughts.  “When I do good I feel good.  When I do bad I feel bad.” Abraham Lincoln. There is only temporary pleasure in doing wrong and the end result is unhappiness.  It is depressing to the spirit.  If you are weighed down with despair, turn to the Lord for his yoke is easy and his burden light.  (Matthew 11:28-30)

2. Pray.  It can put us in touch with God.  Pray always to defeat darkness.  This is key to use in keeping depression from destroying us.

3. Serve. Lose yourself in good service to someone else.  It can lift you and get your mind off personal problems, or at least put them in proper focus.

4. Work. Work is a blessing. God has work to do, and so should we. Mental retirement  is a depressant.  Our work includes taking care of our spiritual, mental, social, and physical needs as well as those who enter our lives.  Jesus example of teaching, healing and loving all who came to him can help us magnify the scope of our work and influence.

5. Strive for Health. Our physical body can affect the spirit. Using wisdom and moderation in all good things concerning our body will promote health, both physical and mental.  Good food, proper medical care, good hygiene, rest, exercise and wholesome recreation can lift the spirit.

6. Read.  Holy writ, good books, reliable and true sources can give direction and comfort, especially when one is down. The psalms of the Old Testament can be a balm for one in distress.

7. Seek Blessings. Pray for yourself and seek out help from those who are willing and worthy to pray for, and over you. Ponder the blessings you receive and count the ones that have come your way.

8. Fast.  Jesus taught fasting and prayer (See Matt. 17:21.) Occasional fasting can help clear the mind and strengthen the body and spirit, especially when coupled with prayer and meditation. Wisdom should be used as to how long and how often.

9. Have and Be a Friend. True friends hear you out, share your joys, help carry your burdens, give good counsel and want the best for you.  Be one yourself.  Seek to become a friend to your Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. Friendship should begin at home.

10. Have Music.  Sing . . . whistle.  Listen to inspiring  and uplifting music.  Good music has the power to crowd out debilitating, depressive, or obsessive thoughts and fill the soul with hope.

11. Endure. There are times when you simply must hang on and outlast the devil until his depressive spirit leaves you. Even our master Jesus Christ, had to endure being left alone shortly before his crucifixion, after which he received a fullness of joy.

12. Set Goals. Looking forward to accomplishing worthy goals can put despondency out of mind.  The continual process of setting and accomplishing realistic goals is exciting.  Partaking of the Lord’s supper or sacrament is the perfect example of  committing ourselves to do good and be like Him.


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