Love – Sign of a True Disciple

Love indeed is the true sign of every true disciple of Jesus Christ.

Painting of Christ's last supper

True disciples love to serve. They know that serving is an expression of true love . . . they feel an increasing desire to love and serve the Lord and one another.

True disciples love to forgive. They know that the Atonement of the Savior covers all sins and mistakes of each one of us . . . True disciples are quick to forgive and quick to ask for forgiveness . . .

True disciples love to submit themselves to the Lord with peace in their heart. They are humble and submissive because they love Him. They have faith to fully accept His will, not only in what He does but also in how and when. True disciples know that the real blessings are not always what they want but rather what the Lord wants for them.

True disciples love the Lord more than the world and are steadfast and immovable in their faith. They stay strong and firm in a changing and confusing world. True disciples love to listen to the voice of the Spirit and of the prophets and are not confused by the voices of the world. True disciples love to “stand in holy places”4 and love to make holy the places where they stand. Wherever they go, they bring the love of the Lord and peace to the hearts of others. True disciples love to obey the Lord’s commandments, and they obey because they love the Lord. As they love and keep their covenants, their hearts are renewed and their very nature changes.

Pure love is the true sign of every true disciple of Jesus Christ.

M. De Fao from talk “Pure Love: the True Sign of Every True Disciple of Jesus Christ”

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